M2 Sony Camera Remote

App Description

Remote control program for Sony cameras which support the Sony Remote Camera API.

Features Include

  • Can't launch the QX10/100 via NFC? Quick access the app through the Windows Phone Lense selection system!
  • Snap photos the natural way, by pressing your hardware shutter button!
  • Touch focus on supported cameras
  • Sets the time on DSC-QX10/DSC-QX100 to your phone's time so the program can be used to initialize the cameras without an Android or iOS device

Supported Sony Cameras

ALWAYS update to the latest firmware before trying.

  • DSC-QX10 (Tested) Install v3.0 firmware to allow control stuff like ISO, etc. QX10 is only able to adjust ISO setting.
  • HDR-AS100 (Tested)
  • DSC-QX100
  • HDR-AS15
  • HDR-AS30
  • HDR-MV1
  • A7R, A7
  • NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-5T
  • A5000, A6000
  • DSC-HX60, DSC-HX400
  • Possibly any Sony Camera that has WiFi capabilities.

Connection Help

On cameras other than the QX series and action camera series, in order to connect to the camera you need to set the camera to be ready for wireless remote control mode. This is different depending on the camera. But so far I've seen that it's either one of these 2 methods.

If your camera has an Application List option that shows applications, look for the Smart Remote Embedded option.

If your camera DOESN'T have the Application List option, but DOES have WiFi capabilities, dig around for an option that says something like Ctrl W Smartphone It should be under the rest of the wireless settings.


  • AS100 (Probably all action cameras) - If you move around the actual cameras menu you will disconnect the WiFi connection.
  • Sometimes it takes a LOOOONG time to connect to the camera, in which case you should try restarting the app and also disconnecting and reconnecting to the camera's WiFi.
  • It does seem that only the QX series with firmware 3.0 installed has the capability to set ISO, apearture, etc. etc. Other cameras seem to allow the remote to act like a shoot button and nothing else.


Download Links
Download For Windows Phone 8 Download For Windows 8.1
Version History (tap to expand)
WP8 v1.0.0.4 (8th June 2014)
  • New settings detection mode means that ANY detected setting is settable.
  • Now looks slightly better when used with the LIGHT theme.
  • Yucky setting UI will be fixed in next update due to Watch Dogs and Dark Souls 2.
v1.0.0.2 (8th April 2014)
  • Following features will show up on supported cameras. Brackets indicate the cameras which were tested to work.
  • Set Beep Mode Added (QX10)
  • Set Movie Quality (AS100)
  • Set Steady Mode (AS100)
  • Disabled touch focus in movie mode, because it doesn't seem to work in movie mode anyway.
v1.0.0.1 (24th March 2014)
  • Added touch focus
  • Added information gathering on other cameras (do submit your camera information!)
  • Added a cup to shake at users. :P
v1.0.0.0 (5th March 2014)
Initial Release
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